Friday, March 23, 2012

So last year I did a few anonymous projects around my school to make it more fun and colorful. I hung colorful happy tags from the locks on strangers' lockers, drew smiles on some glass pebbles and placed them around--simplistic things that still make people smile.
Well, this week I finally had the time to spread some more little projects.
I hung a colorful banner in the staircase, and placed a few love posters around the school (with little tabs that you can pull away-- it was inspired by this.) I'm working on making more non-permanent paper art to stick to the walls!
What I find funny is that it's technically against the rules to put up anything that hasn't been signed and approved by the principal-- so if they really wanted, they could get me in trouble for putting up the love posters, or for hanging a paper banner. But I don't see the harm in hanging up positive reaffirmations :)

Most of my ideas are inspired by Katie Sokoler, a really cool photographer and street artist! She's one of my favorite artists and role models :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So I've never written a screenplay before. I've never had any interest in it either.
I got emailed by the NaNoWriMo headquarters today-- I generally just ignore their messages. I opened it today out of boredom-- it turns out that Script Frenzy is 12 days away.
For whatever weird reason, I decided that I'm going to do it.

I spent a long time reading about how to write a screenplay. I even made an account for celtx, which is a free script writing software.

I have no idea what it's going to be about. It'll probably be one of the crazy fun ideas that I had always considered for NaNo, but turned aside for whatever reason. (I usually treat NaNo as though it's Serious Writing Time, which is sad. It would prolly be better if I let myself have a little more fun with it, but then I wouldn't like the result.)
So yeah. Any suggestions for what I should write about? I think I might just lump a bunch of unrelated prompt-y type things together (Barista? Zombies? Greenland?) without a plot in mind at all and see where it goes. And throw things in for no particular reason when I'm getting bored. Heh. I'm kind of excited.

So now I just wait, I guess.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Foreign Mail!

Hello! Today was a good day :)
I got a letter from Hortense, my pen pal from France! She sent me all sorts of adorable goodies!

The entire letter was covered in cute stickers and happy drawings! I don't want to post a picture of the letter itself :P

She tucked in the postcard from Paris. So pretty! I want to go to Paris c:

She also sent me some tea (it's in french!) and a little pink bracelet. I love it!

You may also notice that my fingernails are tuxedos. Indeed :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sometimes I just need to look at this...

...and it makes my day better. It's also become my response to pretty much anything cute :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Got Goodies Today!

Today when I got home from school, there were 2 packages for me! Woo!
The first consisted of some stationery items I bought from PrettyTape on etsy.
Japanese Washi Tape MINI Starter Kit MEDIUM (C) Set of 8 Masking Tape rolls- PrettyTape 157ft total
It's washi tape! I've always loved washi tape, so I finally bought some! It's totally going to be all over my letters from now on :P
I also bought a made with love stamp:
Wooden Rubber Stamp - Heart Made With Love Stamp
I just thought it was so cute :) Plus, it arrived really quickly! I'm happy :D

The second thing I got in the mail was a letter by the lovely Shelby!

She made me a playing card :3 I think it's adorable! I'm slowly working through the available parts of the deck. Hehehe :) And I still love the envelopes she made! Since her first handmade letter, the letters I've sent to my other pen pals have been handmade. I'll probably send one this time too :)
Shelby has been sending me mail with the most frequency of all my pen pals. I'm going to send a package soon, as soon as I can get a box for it!


In other news, I have a ton of English homework to read. I hate Fredrick Douglass. I guess it could be worse, though.

Now that I finished Ashfall, I'm onto Wither by Lauren DeStefano.
Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1)
(In the future, women die at age 20 and men at 25 due to a strange, unavoidable virus. After Rhine is sold into a polygamous marriage, she wants nothing more than to escape. After all, at age 16, her clock is ticking.) Although there are a few flaws with the premise, I'm still really enjoying it. I'm about halfway through it now :D
I'm trying to read at least 50 books this year. I'm already through 22!
I have to go get some work done. Adieu!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello! I'm just stopping in to say that I finished Ashfall by Mike Mullin today! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I like apocalypse books : ) This one was about a super volcano in Yellowstone exploding, and Alex, the main character, trying to find his family.

You may notice that I am terrible at blogging. This is in part because of a lack of interesting things happening in my life.
I've had a tumblr for a while. It's here!
That's probably more interesting! I'm probably not going to update this all too often, if I do. I'm sorry : P

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I went to Knott's Berry Farm amusement park today with my physics class. Apparently every year they have a "physics fun day" where a bunch of schools drive up to play on the rides and find the acceleration and such.

I had a super fun time with some really awesome people, and we went on most of the exciting rides. Sonja and I are totally awesome together in theme parks, especially since we're both able to handle the really intense roller coasters. I love roller coasters.

My favorites are definitely the Xcelerator, the Boomerang, and the Ghostrider. The first was crazy fast with a pin drop, the other shot along loops backwards, and the last was just a massive adrenaline rush after a two hour line wait. (Which would have completely sucked if I wasn't with Katherine. Even then it was just SO LONG.)

I hoped I could find some souvenirs for my pen pals there, and I'm really sorry to say that there honestly wasn't anything of worth. I wish though!

Also, I've been holding off on sending a letter to Sierra from Texas--in her last letter she sent me a framed texas thing (which is really cool, though hard to describe) and a Doctor Who book! I want to send something back, but there's nothing interesting that I could get here for her! I'm struggling and have been holding off writing her back for a few days, hoping that there will be something magic that I find. I have no idea what though! :/

PS: I watched Labyrinth yesterday and it was awesome. The baby, Toby, is the most adorable little boy ever.
I did find the lead character's acting to be a little bad, though. Also, the little blue worm was creepy.